Who We Are

We are a consulting firm that is passionate about making Canada’s built environment more energy efficient. To do this, we provide planning, energy use quantification, and site support for clients interested in meeting energy efficiency targets. Based in Penticton, Nelson and Invermere, British Columbia, we service the interior of BC and beyond.

We know that with a little coordination, an energy efficient building has the potential to be healthier and more comfortable than standard construction. That’s why we work with a holistic perspective of the indoor environment. We can support the design to improve indoor air quality and thermal comfort. We offer building air-tightness mentoring, assess the building envelope’s moisture risk and durability, and size heating and cooling equipment to minimize capital costs.

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Gerry Sawkins – Principal, Penicton BC
B.Ap.Sc. (Honours), MBA, EA
Gerry is a registered energy advisor providing EnerGuide and Energy Star assessment of new residential and multi-unit residential buildings under Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency Homes program. Gerry also provides assessments including energy modelling of small commercial buildings under Part 9 of the B.C. Building Code. Since moving to Nelson in 2005, Gerry has been involved in the construction industry, initially as a project manager before moving into the area of energy auditing. 3West Building Energy Consultants was formed by Gerry to address the need in South East BC for specialized services in the Energy market. In addition, Gerry holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia.

Michele Deluca – Energy Advisor, Nelson BC
EA, BSc, SNC Cert
Michele is a registered Energy Advisor for new single family and multi-unit residential buildings. She has a BSc in Geography & Environmental Studies, and completed the Sustainable New Construction certificate program. Her background in carpentry and sustainable construction has provided a solid understanding of the building industry’s immense potential and responsibility to address climate change, through energy efficient buildings and low-carbon construction materials.

Kylee Seddon-Johnstone – Energy Advisor, Penticton BC
Kylee is a registered Energy Advisor who has always been drawn to energy efficient building techniques and overall sustainability. This interest led her to the Sustainable Construction Management Technology (SCMT) program at Okanagan College where she completed this Diploma. After graduating she became a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate and gained invaluable industry experience as a project coordinator in a Passive House project. Kylee also holds a BSc in Biology and Neuropsychology from the University of Alberta.

Wayne Gamborski – Certified Passive House Consultant, Invermere BC
CPHC, ABA (Honours)
Wayne is currently working towards his Energy Advisor designation, and is a certified Passive House Consultant.  Offering over a decade of construction project management, technical design expertise and experience, Wayne blends the fundamentals of sound building science with the practical, hands on experience in offering solutions to our clients. Wayne is passionate about working with clients to balance health, performance, sustainability and attainability in every project.

Jesse McLaughlin – Energy Advisor, Penticton BC
EA Cert., PMP Cert
Jesse is a Certified Energy Advisor for single-family and multi-unit residential buildings. Working in the construction industry for a decade as a carpenter, site supervisor, and Certified Project Manager, he has developed an understanding of the building process. With this wide range of work experience, he chose to specialize in the many ways to improve building techniques and efficiencies and to reduce the carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to help clients with long-term economic and health benefits that are created by these efficiencies.