Building Certification

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Building Energy Certification

3West has the expertise to help you meet your sustainability targets. We use energy modelling to find the most functional ways for our projects to meet their energy, environmental, and investment objectives. To ensure the project is recognized for its performance, we can also help select the standard that best fits with the project objectives. Whether you’re just trying to make sense of your region’s minimum energy requirements or meet the highest standards of sustainable building, we can find a solution that fits.

Building Energy Modelling for Step Code Compliance

We will help you make sense of the Step Code and ensure you meet the energy intensity and air leakage targets. We provide planning and site support as well as assistance integrating building systems, assess alternatives to accommodate your budget and assistance with application for the appropriate utility rebates.
Net-Zero Energy and Net-Zero Energy Ready Certification

Wouldn’t it be great if your home consumed as much energy as it produced? We help you reach the NetZero standard by integrating your building envelope and mechanical systems, thereby minimizing the need for renewable energy as well as assisting in the selection of renewables.
passive house passivhaus canada logo Modelling and Decision Support to meet Passive House Standards

Did you know the world’s most energy efficient buildings are also healthier, more comfortable, affordable, and contribute to a sustainable future? Passive House projects rely on a super-insulated envelope, properly sized mechanical systems, and a rigorous design methodology to deliver superior thermal comfort and indoor air quality.
EnerGuide or Energy StarTM Certification

Do you build to a higher standard and would like acknowledgement with a recognized label?

The EnerGuide Rating System provides a nationally recognized modelling standard for residential energy use. Builders and homeowners use EnerGuide to demonstrate the energy performance of their homes. ENERGY STAR Certified Homes recognize energy efficient construction techniques and equipment, which can benefit the consumer and increase the resale value.

Support on Power Smart, PowerSense and Energy Star Benchmarking programs

Benchmarking tools such as the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, allows building owners and managers to track, monitor, compare, and share energy, water and greenhouse gas emissions data.. ENERGY STAR benchmarking and certification programs are available for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. The program compares your building’s performance with other similar buildings and offers certification to recognize higher performing facilities to energy-efficient top performers.
Built GreenTM Consultation and Project Verification

3West works with you on your BUILT GREEN® projects, with decision consultation to help navigate low-energy alternatives, energy modelling, and third-party certification of your project. The program takes a holistic approach to sustainable building practices, which includes the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability. Built Green addresses energy efficiency and goes beyond to other key areas of sustainable building—these are represented in a checklist helps guide the builder, and which 3West can help the builder fill out.