Field Testing

Field Testing

We use field testing to validate our assumptions. We have all the tools to quantitatively measure the building’s performance, or qualitatively assess the state of construction.

Thermal Bridging / Air Leakage Identification via Thermal IR Camera

Thermal cameras allow you to capture a snapshot of the thermal radiance of different elements of a building. At 3West, we are trained to use thermal cameras to spot air leakage paths and thermal bridges during mid-construction or post-construction.
Whole Building or Partitioned Air Leakage Testing

We use specialized fans to pressurize or depressurize a building to determine a building’s air leakage. Whether it’s a small residential building that needs a blower door test for certification, an enthusiastic builder that wants to know the air-tightness of their construction, or a larger building that requires a multitude of fans, we can do it.
Smoke Testing

Smoke pencils are used to visualize air flows and leakage paths between the interior and exterior environments. Conduct a qualitative assessment of the integrity of the building’s air barrier. For exterior air barriers, large scale smoke machines may be used to indicate leaky connections.